Philadelphia Inquirer article, Washington Post mention

I’m never sure which blog I should post to about news articles.  This article mentions  and links to… should it go on the Free Culture Blog?  It’s about Diebold, should it go on the SCDC livejournal?  I’ve decided that since today’s article mostly consists of an interview with me, and it has a pretty picture of me in Swarthmore’s library, it’s more about me than anything else and should go on my blog.

So check out the latest article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Students win court ruling – along with measure of fame.   Sadly, it’s one of those annoying news sites that requires registration.  Happily, there is a site,, which, if you type in the URL of the registration page, will provide a username and password to log in with that some kind user has donated, to save you the pain of going through the whole registration process yourself.  Even more happily, there is an BugMeNot extension for Mozilla Firefox that will automatically fill in one of these user/pass combos when it comes across a registration page, which means that you can breeze through thousands of annoying registration-requiring news sites without giving away all your private info (or taking the time to invent a fake identity).  Yet another reason open source software rocks!

Update: The Washington Post also mentioned our suit, in a difficult to link to page called Electronic Voting: the latest news.  Look for us under “October 13, The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled Nelson Pavlosky”…

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    • Seriously? Dude, when do I get to namedrop myself to pick up lawyer chicks? Maybe that only works in Canada.

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